Dear Mr. Merge

Rottach/Egern, 23.IX. 2o32

Dear Mr. Merge,
thank you for sending me a few pages of my biography you´re working on. I have to say, that you’ve done a pretty good job with it. Specially the time between 2oo5 and o8, when I worked as a guest teacher at the Odense Art School in Danmark is precisely written.

But unfortunately you mixed up some of the pictures I send to you. On page 12 it is not me talking with the Russian Primeminister Lebed at an opening at the Nationalgalerie in Berlin. The picture shows my brother Ferdinand „Ferdi” who worked at this time for the foreign office in Germany. Me, myself had never contact with Mr. Lebed. I´m not going fine with his political ideals.

Page 87 is not showing me and my first wife Ruth. It´s me and my daugther Kamenitzer, 16 years ago on a ferry boat to my summer house on the isle of Corse/France. My second wife, Jennifer, is 2 years younger than my daugther from my first wife.

Are the pages you´ve sent to me printed on the original paper and format the book will later be look like? It would be nice to have a larger scale of the font. Some of the people who´ll going to read the book will be at my age, of course. They will enjoy the book even more, if they could read the text without using any magnifying glass.

Best wishes
P.S.: Please transfer any pre-payments to my account at the Stadtsparkasse Hanau BLZ: 271 51 219, account nr.: 176200034. Please respect that I wouldn´t like to deal with the publishing house myself.

© ulrich heinke